The Seven Pillars Journey of Wisdom is an experimental and evolving project of a collaboration of artists in Southern California, under the auspices of the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom.  Our intention is to present The Seven Pillars, a profoundly inclusive set of perspectives on our life, through a combination of theater, ritual, and participative experience.

Aug 2007 – Seven Pillars House of Wisdom founded
Apr 2010 – Dream of The Seven Pillars
Sep 2011 – Talk by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, Madison WI
July 2012 – Reading at Meditation Mount in Ojai CA with music by Yuval Ron
Oct 2012 – Reading in Venice CA with music by Yuval Ron
Nov 2012 – Formal unveiling of The Seven Pillars
Jan 2013 – Benefit reading in New York City with music by Yuval Ron ensemble
Mar 2013 – Experimental transformance in Ojai
Apr 2013 – Full transformance at Baha’i Center in Los Angeles (credits)
May 2013 – Improv transformance in Ojai with piano music by Gary Malkin
June 2013 – Workshop at Seeds of Peace conference in Pasadena CA
July 2013 – Reading at Sufi Order Summer Camp, New Lebanon NY
Oct 2013 – Transformance at Vortex Immersion in Los Angeles CA
Oct 2013 – Talk by Pir Zia at USC in Los Angeles CA